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  • 2 Days

Two-Day Adventure in Vashlovani National Park

Welcome to our two-day journey into Vashlovani National Park! Experience the untouched beauty of this national park, especially during the ideal travel periods from mid-April to mid-May and October to November when the weather is milder, perfect for exploring on foot.

The overnight stay in the national park, despite basic accommodations, adds a unique charm to your nature experience. Here, you can admire nature in complete seclusion and tranquility, enjoy the evening by the campfire with a barbecue, and make the most of your excursion into the wilderness.

  • Season: April 15 - May 15 & Oct., Nov. 2024
  • Group size: 2-3 people

Mijniskure Cottage

Basic bungalows in the national park, each with 3-4 beds and shared bathroom facilities. It is recommended to bring your own sleeping bags.

1Day: Eagle's Gorge and Night in National Park

In the morning, you'll have a transfer from Tbilisi to Dedoplistskaro, which takes approximately 2 hours. Dedoplistskaro is located in the southern part of Georgia, near the border with Azerbaijan. This town serves as your gateway to the pristine natural beauty of the Vashlovani Protected Areas, established in 1935, which encompass the Vashlovani Nature Reserve, the National Park, and three natural monuments.

Upon your arrival, you will meet your local guide, who will accompany you in an off-road vehicle to explore the protected areas. Please remember to have your passport with you for entry permits. After completing the formalities, your exploration of the Vashlovani Protected Areas begins with a visit to Eagle's Gorge. Eagle's Gorge is an impressive limestone rock canyon, home to various birds of prey such as eagles and vultures. From here, you can observe bird nests and discover rare plants.

Following that, you will drive through the Shiraki grain fields and pass the World War II-era airport to reach the Alazani River Valley. Here, you'll admire the unique rock formations and enjoy breathtaking views. In the evening, you'll arrive in the village of Mijniskure, where your overnight stay will be in a simple cabin. Your guide has already arranged a barbecue dinner by the riverside, accompanied by interesting stories before bedtime.

  • 230 km, driving time 5 hrs.
  • D
Tbilisi - Dedoplistskaro - Mijniskure

2Day: Enchanting Rock Formations and Their Inhabitants

Today, you'll spend the entire day in Vashlovani National Park, admiring diverse landscapes ranging from semi-deserts and steppes to sparse dry forests and deciduous woodlands. The name 'Vashlovani' is derived from the resemblance of apple trees to pistachio trees, which are often seen here. In these protected areas, there are approximately 700 species of plants. The wildlife is equally diverse, and with some luck, you can observe foxes, hares, various bird species, and reptiles.

After just about a one-and-a-half-hour drive, the beautiful Iori Valley unfolds before you, with unique rock formations, remote shepherd huts, and curious gazelles. In winter, the park is intensively used by Tushetian shepherds as pastureland for their sheep herds. Please be cautious of shepherd dogs during spring and autumn.

In the Pantischara Gorge, located at an elevation of 300-600 meters above sea level, you'll reach the lowest point of your journey.

At the end of your eventful day, you'll bid farewell to your guide and take the transfer back to Tbilisi.

  • 260 km, driving time 6 hrs.
  • B/PL
Mijniskure - Samukhisveli - Pantishara - Dedoplistskaro - Tbilisi