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  • 21 Days

Three Weeks Full of Experiences in Georgia

  • Tbilisi
  • Mtskheta
  • Uplistsikhe
  • Asureti
  • Samshvilde
  • Vardzia
  • Kutaisi
  • Gelati
  • Martvili
  • Mestia
  • Ushguli
  • Paliastomi Lake
  • Batumi
  • Stepantsminda
  • Truso Valley
  • Gergeti
  • Ananuri
  • Kvetera
  • Telavi
  • Shuamta
  • Gremi
  • Nekresi
  • Alaverdi
  • Tsinandali
  • Signagi

Embark on a captivating three-week journey through Georgia's enchanting landscapes and rich culture. This adventure is made even more special by the warm hospitality of its people, as you actively participate in a variety of activities such as hiking, boating, and cooking classes.

As you traverse the rugged beauty of the Caucasus Mountains, hidden villages and picturesque valleys await your discovery. Traditional Georgian cuisine and world-renowned wines will be savored, allowing you to indulge in the country's famed hospitality. Along the serene shores of the Black Sea, moments of tranquility beckon. These three weeks in Georgia promise a symphony of unforgettable moments, expertly weaving together adventure, relaxation, and the warm embrace of Georgian culture. 

  • Season: June - September 2024
  • Group size: 2-10 people

Graphica Tbilisi


A small modern hotel in the heart of the residential area, 5 mins walk from Avlabari metro and 10 mins from the old town.

1Day: Flight to Tbilisi

Arrival in Tbilisi on this day or next day early in the morning. Transfer to your hotel in Tbilisi. Next 2 nights in Tbilisi.

  • 25 km
  • -
Flight to Tbilisi

2Day: Exploring the Capital City Tbilisi

In the daylight, Tbilisi comes to life when you embark on a city tour. This experience is more than just a journey; it's an immersion into the atmosphere of this fascinating metropolis. The tour takes you through historic streets and charming alleys, providing insights into the multifaceted history that has shaped Tbilisi into the vibrant city it is today.

From the Narikala Fortress that looms over the city to the sulfur baths and the sacred buildings of various denominations, as well as hidden courtyards adorned with intricate carvings - each step takes you deeper into Tbilisi's history. In the afternoon, you will also be introduced to the modern faces of the city, including Art Nouveau and Soviet architectural heritage, which left their mark on Tbilisi in the 19th and 20th centuries.

In the evening, you have the opportunity to savor your first delightful tastes of Georgian cuisine in a traditional restaurant.

  • B/D
Tbilisi City Tour

3Day: Ancient Marvels: Mtskheta and Uplistsikhe

The day trip today takes you to the impressive historical sites of Mtskheta and Uplistsikhe.

The first stop on your journey is the awe-inspiring cave city of Uplistsikhe, dating back to the 1st millennium BC. Carved into the gentle cliffs of the Mtkvari River valley, this ancient city is a remarkable testament to the early civilization in this region. The cave city offers visitors a fascinating insight into its unique architecture and tells a captivating story about the life and culture of the people who lived here thousands of years ago. In addition to residential caves, you'll find a theater, a wine cellar, altars for pagan rituals, Orthodox churches, and various chambers for various purposes.

Afterward, you're invited to have lunch with a local family in the village of Ateni. This region is known for producing high-quality white wine called "Atenuri," made from the grape varieties Chinuri and Goruli Mtsvane that thrive in this area. Naturally, wine accompanies the delicious local specialties served during the lunch.

Later in the day, you'll explore the ancient Georgian capital, Mtskheta, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will visit the Jvari Church, perched on a hill overlooking the confluence of the Aragvi and Mtkvari rivers, offering a breathtaking panorama of the Mtskheta valley. To conclude your day, you'll admire the Swetitskhoveli Cathedral, a masterpiece from the 11th century.

Finally, you'll return to Tbilisi with the evening at your leisure.

  • 250 km
  • B/L
Tbilisi - Uplistsikhe - Mtskheta - Tbilisi

Valodia's Cottage


Valodia's cottage provides a cozy haven in a tranquil setting, alluring visitors with its charming garden, modest farm, and welcoming hosts.

4Day: From Capital to Countryside

From the vibrant backdrop of Tbilisi, you embark on an unforgettable journey to the picturesque regions of Kvemo Kartli and Samtskhe-Javakheti. Your route meanders through picturesque landscapes as you transition from the city's vibrancy to a serene and captivating contrast.

The drive takes you to the former German settlement of Asureti (formerly Elisabethtal). Here, you gain insights into the historical presence of German colonists as you explore the Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Elizabeth, German cemeteries, and preserved half-timbered houses of the settlement. Later, you can enjoy lunch at the local "Bahnhof" restaurant.

The hike to the Samshvilde Castle ruins is a step back in time. Following ancient paths, you reach the remains of this impressive fortress that once watched over the landscape. The ruins echo tales of bygone eras and offer an awe-inspiring view of the surrounding gorges.

Continuing along the Paravani Lake is a visual feast. The deep blue water, nestled amidst majestic hills, creates a backdrop that ignites the senses. As you journey past the lake, the sight of the sky's reflection in the water becomes a poetic moment.

Your travels culminate in the village of Vardzia, where Georgian hospitality comes alive. Immersed in the local way of life and culture, you'll be captivated by the traditional architecture and the warm ambiance of the village.

Dinner and overnight stay at a guesthouse.

  • 270 km
  • B/D
  • Walking time 1.5-2 hours, easy
Tbilisi - Asureti - Samshvilde - Paravani Lake - Vardzia

5Day: A Journey Through Caves and Cuisine

Embark on a captivating day of exploration that takes you from the depths of history to the heart of Meskhetian culture. Your adventure begins with a leisurely walk to the Upper Vardzia Monastery, where centuries-old walls stand as silent witnesses to the passage of time.

Next, immerse yourself in the fascinating tapestry of the Vardzia cave town from 12th century. Wander through the intricate network of hand-carved chambers, stairways, and tunnels that once sheltered monks and pilgrims. 

But the journey doesn't end with history alone – it's also a gateway to the vibrant traditions and flavors of Meskheti. Delve into the heart of Meskhetian culture with an introduction to time-honored practices in a traditional "Oda" house. Feel the warmth of hospitality as you're invited to learn about customs passed down through generations, gaining insights into the essence of daily life in this region. Engage in the art of cheese-making, a window into the culinary heritage of Meskheti. Finally, share a meal with locals, savoring traditional flavors while forging connections that transcend languages.

In the afternoon, you have the option to explore another fortress, take a stroll to a viewpoint, or unwind in the garden of the guesthouse with a glass of wine. The dinner promises even more delights.

  • 70 km
  • B/L/D
Cave Town Vardzia and Meskhetian Traditions

Terrace Kutaisi

Family hotel

A cozy hotel with a splendid rooftop terrace, just a 10-minute walk from the city center.

6Day: To the Cultural Hub of the West, Kutaisi

Today, we continue our journey through the enchanting landscapes of the Mtkvari Valley, en route to the Sapara Monastery. The Sapara Monastery stands majestically in the mountains, a testament to centuries of spiritual dedication. With its impressive architecture and secluded location, it offers a unique atmosphere of tranquility and contemplation.

Along the route, passing the healing resort town of Borjomi, our journey's allure persists, leading us to the vibrant city of Kutaisi – Georgia's third-largest city, once renowned as the mythical land of the Colchis Kingdom. This region carries the enchantment of bygone eras, when brave Argonauts set sail in search of the legendary Golden Fleece.

Today, you witness this rich heritage come alive at the impressive Colchis Fountain, nestled in the heart of Kutaisi. This fountain serves as a symbol of connection between past and present, eloquently narrating the legends and tales of the ancient Colchis Kingdom.

A leisurely stroll through the central park and bustling streets guides us to the elegant White Bridge, an architectural gem linking both banks of the Rioni River. Here, you'll have the opportunity to relish the stunning views of the river and the city.

In the evening, a delightful dinner awaits you at an intriguing restaurant, where you can savor regional specialties like Pkhali (nut-based appetizers) or Shkmeruli (chicken in garlic sauce).

  • 260 km
  • B/D
Vardzia - Sapara - Borjomi - Kutaisi

7Day: Exploring Kutaisi and Surroundings

Your day starts at the vibrant farmers' market in Kutaisi, where you can immerse yourself in the local culture and daily life of the residents. Don't miss the chance to engage in conversations with locals and experience authentic Georgian hospitality.

After exploring the market, your next destination is the Bagrati Cathedral and Gelati Monastic Complex. These UNESCO World Heritage sites offer a glimpse into Georgia's rich history and architectural heritage.

Following your visit to these historical landmarks, take a lunch break in a nearby village, where you'll be welcomed by a young family. In a charming house, they offer a contemporary twist on the local cuisine, presenting the flavors of the region in a modern way. You'll also have the opportunity to visit a small winery and taste Imeretian wines, known for their high acidity, freshness, and playful flavors compared to traditional Kakhetian wines.

In the evening, enjoy some free time as you stroll through the streets of Kutaisi, in search of a charming cafe or restaurant.

  • 80 km
  • B/L
Exploring Kutaisi and Surroundings



Located within Mestia's historic district, Bapsha Guesthouse features spacious rooms adorned with traditional-style décor, showcasing natural wood and stone furnishings.

8Day: From Canyons to Peaks and Watchtowers in the Greater Caucasus

The day begins with a picturesque drive that takes you to the captivating surroundings of the Martvili Canyon. Here, you can explore nature on the paths and enjoy a tubing adventure on the turquoise waters.

Following this, you'll visit a tea farm or a beekeeping in a local village. Here you can learn about tea cultivation or the special breed of the Megrelian population of the Georgian Mountain Gray Bee.

The route eventually leads to Mestia, the vibrant heart of Svaneti. The entire Upper Svaneti region is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. En route, you'll be accompanied by breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and roaring rivers. In Mestia, medieval watchtowers rise majestically above the landscape, narrating tales of a storied past.

During the drive, you will make a stop at the impressive Enguri Dam, a technical masterpiece that represents human engineering prowess against the forces of nature.

After settling into your room, a delectable dinner awaits you at the hotel restaurant.

  • 250 km
  • B/D
Kutaisi - Martvili - Mestia

9Day: A day around Mestia

In the morning, you have the option to join a guided hike or explore the area on your own.

The hike to the mountain village of Lachiri starts after a short transfer. The trail leads through meadows and offers beautiful views of the peaks Tetnuldi, Ushba, and Tschalaadi, all of which rise over 4000 meters above sea level. Towards the end, you'll traverse a short steep section through the forest before returning to Mestia.

In the afternoon, there's a leisurely walk to the lower station of the cable car that goes up to the ski resort of Hatsvali. From here, you can once again enjoy the views from a café or take a short walk to Mount Suruldi (approximately 1.5 hours). Afterward, you'll have free time back in Mestia.

For dinner, you'll dine at a local restaurant featuring Svaneti specialties and the local Grappa known as "Raqi."

  • 25 km
  • B/D
  • Walking time 3-3.5 hours, ↑↓ 400m
Mestia - Lakhiri - Mestia

10Day: Day trip to Ushguli

Today, you have an adventurous day trip from Mestia to Ushguli ahead of you. Ushguli is one of the highest inhabited villages in Europe, nestled in a stunning mountain landscape at the foot of Mount Shkhara (5068m), the highest peak in Georgia. The numerous medieval residential and defensive towers give the village a unique character and charm.

To reach the village, we will use local off-road vehicles. Even the journey itself is an adventure and rewards us with beautiful vistas perfect for photography. Upon arrival, we'll embark on a picturesque hike in the shadow of the majestic Mount Shkhara. There is also the option to enjoy a horseback ride to Shkhara Mountain instead of the hike (for an additional fee and with prior booking). In Ushguli, you'll visit the home and gallery of the talented local artist Fridon Nijaradze and savor a hearty meal with the locals, who enchant with their hospitality.

On the way back to Mestia, you'll have some free time to process the impressions of the day.  In the evening time at leisure. 

  • 90 km
  • B/L
  • Walking time 2-2.5 hours, rocky path
Mestia - Ushguli - Mestia



The hotel is conveniently located in the old town of Batumi, close to the main city attractions, about 1 km from the central boulevard and 1.5 from the nearest beach.

11Day: From the glaciers to the Black Sea

Today, you leave the Greater Caucasus and head towards the region of Megrelia, also known as Samegrelo, which stretches from the foothills of the Caucasus to the Black Sea coast.

Near the city of Poti, you'll find the Kolcheti National Park, playing a crucial role in preserving and conserving local biodiversity. The park encompasses a remarkable variety of ecosystems, including wetlands, lakes, forests, and dunes. It is renowned for its rich wildlife, with numerous bird species nesting in the wetlands and an impressive diversity of plant life.

During a motorboat trip on Lake Paliastomi, you'll have the opportunity to observe the abundant wildlife of the lake, including various bird species like herons and cormorants. Your experienced guide will provide interesting insights into the lake's ecosystem and explain the significance of this wetland for the region.

Continuing along the Black Sea coast, you'll reach the second-largest city in Georgia, Batumi. Check in to your accommodations for the next three nights. In the evening, you'll enjoy dinner at a local restaurant, where you can savor the famous Adjarian khachapuri, among other dishes. 

  • 265 km
  • B/D
Mestia - Kolkheti's National park - Batumi

12Day: Las Vegas on the Black Sea

Batumi, the vibrant jewel on the Black Sea, shines with a captivating blend of cultures and influences. This multicultural coastal city in Georgia enchants visitors with its bustling atmosphere and an impressive fusion of modern architecture and historical charm.

During a city tour, you'll encounter an impressive skyline dominated by modern skyscrapers and futuristic structures, including the Batumi Technological University Tower and the Alphabet Tower. However, the city never forgets its cultural roots, evident in the restored historical buildings and traditional Georgian street markets.

Batumi's waterfront promenade beckons visitors from around the world, offering a lively mix of cafes, restaurants, and entertainment options. The city is also renowned for its numerous casinos and gaming establishments, adding glamour to its nightlife.

In the afternoon, you'll visit the Batumi Botanical Garden, a breathtaking 108-hectare oasis along the Black Sea coast that showcases a fascinating array of plants from around the world. As you stroll through the lush gardens, you'll experience a haven of peace and beauty. From the garden's picturesque vantage points, you'll also enjoy breathtaking views of the Black Sea and the surrounding coastal landscape.

The afternoon is free for your leisure.

  • 30 km
  • B
Batumi City Tour

13Day: Free Day in Batumi

The entire day is at your disposal. 

  • B
Free Day in Batumi

Hilltop Kazbegi

Family hotel

A family-run hotel in a quiet location, approx. 400 m from the town centre. The hotel has a beautiful garden and 15 rooms, all with beautiful views of Mount Kazbek.

14Day: Across the country by train

In the early hours of the morning, you will be taken to the main train station in Batumi, from where you will board the modern Stadler train to Tbilisi. Upon your arrival in Tbilisi, you will be picked up, and a lunch break will be provided for refreshment. Afterward, you will once again venture into the mountains, this time heading to the foothills of the legendary Mount Kazbek (5054 m). The road that connects Tbilisi to Stepantsminda, known as the "Old Georgian Military Highway," captivates with its charming landscapes of alpine meadows, rushing mountain rivers, and snow-capped peaks.

On the way, you will visit the defensive church of Ananuri, perched above the Jinvali Reservoir.

Upon arriving in Stepantsminda, you will check into your hotel for 2 nights and enjoy dinner at a local restaurant.

  • 500 km
  • B/D
Batumi - Tbilisi - Stepantsminda

15Day: Mountain Adventure Around Kasbek

Your exciting day begins in the morning with a trip to a geological wonderland - the Truso Valley. Local off-road vehicles will be used for the journey, safely guiding you through the breathtaking landscapes. The Truso Valley is located on the border of the autonomous region of South Ossetia and is now home to only a few shepherds, with the small villages slowly decaying.

Your first stop will be at the Travertine Terraces (2130m), formed by springs that have created terraced limestone deposits. Opposite these terraces, a bridge crosses the river, leading to the Abano Lake, where you can take a refreshing swim. Continuing past the Ketrisi watchtower, the path leads to the Zakagori Fortress at the end of the valley. Optionally, you can also choose to hike a portion of the route (approximately 1.5-2 hours).

Upon your return to Stepantsminda, your journey continues as you reach the famous Gergeti Trinity Church. This impressive church stands at an altitude of 2,170 meters and offers a spectacular view of the majestic Mount Kazbek in the background.

In the evening, you have the unique opportunity to participate in a cooking class, where you will learn to prepare traditional Georgian dumplings known as "Chinkali."

  • 90 km
  • B/D
Stepantsminda - Truso Tal - Stepantsminda

Hotel & Wine Cellar Arge


Located just 3 km from Telavi, Hotel Arge offers an outdoor swimming pool, private vineyards and stunning views of the Caucasus Mountains and the Alazani Valley.

16Day: Escaping to the Wine Region

In the morning, a leisurely walk through the forest to the newly built St. Elias Church is on the agenda. Visiting the church is particularly worthwhile due to the beautiful views of a well-known scene.

After the descent, you will visit a local felt workshop to learn the art of felting and sample local herbal tea before continuing your journey to the eastern province of Georgia, the renowned wine region of Kakheti. The drive will take you through less touristy areas of Tianeti and Akhmeta. Along the way, you will embark on a short hike to the ruins of the medieval fortress of Kwetera.

In the evening, you will arrive at your accommodation in Telavi, where you will stay for the next 3 nights. 

  • 175 km
  • B
  • Walking time 2-2.5 hours, easy
Stepantsminda - Tianeti - Akhmeta - Telavi

17Day: Explorations in and Around Telavi

The morning is at your leisure to relax and reflect on yesterday's journey. If the weather is favorable, you also have the option to use the swimming pool and unwind.

In the afternoon, your cultural exploration begins. First, you will visit the 6th-century Alt-Schuamta Monastery complex, nestled in a beautiful forest. Following that, your tour continues to the museum in Telavi, which also houses the residence of King Erekle II. Here, you'll immerse yourself in Georgia's rich history and learn more about the traditions and daily life of the locals.

After this cultural enrichment, take a leisurely stroll through the city center of Telavi to soak in the city's atmosphere and explore the local shops.

The highlight of the afternoon is a visit to a local cheese producer, where you'll discover the art of cheese-making. You'll receive an introduction to cheese production and have the opportunity to sample various types of cheese paired with wines.

Your day concludes with a special dinner at the cheese factory, where you'll savor local delicacies and unwind in pleasant company.

  • 35 km
  • B/D
Explorations in and Around Telavi

18Day: Monasteries and Castles in Picturesque Landscape

You begin your day today with a visit to the impressive Alaverdi Cathedral, an outstanding example of Georgian sacred architecture dating back to the 11th century. Next, you continue your journey to the historically significant Gremi fortress, where you can explore the reasonably well-preserved ruins of the former royal residence. Lastly, you'll admire the Nekresi Monastery complex perched on a picturesque hill, immersing yourself in the spiritual ambiance of the site. The first church at this location was built in the 6th century by one of the 13 Syrian Fathers who preached Christianity in Georgia and founded several monasteries.

After returning to the hotel and some leisure time, in the evening, a short transfer takes you to the neighboring village. Here, you'll have a guided tour of a Qvevri workshop, where you'll learn about the Georgian method of winemaking and storage in underground clay vessels. This traditional Georgian winemaking method was added to UNESCO's list of intangible cultural heritage in 2013. The day concludes with a delightful dinner accompanied by house wine.

  • 110 km
  • B/D
Telavi - Alaverdi - Gremi - Nekresi - Telavi

Graphica Tbilisi


A small modern hotel in the heart of the residential area, 5 mins walk from Avlabari metro and 10 mins from the old town.

19Day: Romance Amidst the Vineyards

Today, we are heading back to the capital city, Tbilisi. Before leaving the enchanting wine region, we have planned a few stops that will enrich your day. Our first stop takes us to the princely estate of the Chavchavadze family in Tsinandali. This family played a significant role in the 19th century when Georgian wine was first bottled. They also introduced European-style elements to the Kacheti region, be it in the exquisite interior design or landscaping.

Our next stop will be in the picturesque town of Signagi, surrounded by an imposing 18th-century wall. Perched on a hill, this town offers breathtaking views of the Alazani Valley that are sure to leave you impressed.

Following this impressive visit, our journey takes us to the Bodbe Church nearby, where the grave of Saint Nino is located. Saint Nino played a pivotal figure in the spread of Christianity in Georgia during the 4th century. 

To top it all off, we'll make a detour to the Giuaani Winery, known for producing exquisite wines and enchanting visitors with its charming ambiance.

Upon our return to Tbilisi, you'll check into your hotel for the next 2 nights and have the evening to enjoy at your leisure.

  • 190 km
  • B
Telavi - Tsinandali - Signagi - Tbilisi

20Day: Adieu Tbilisi: Farewell to Georgia's Charm

On your last day in Tbilisi, you start with an optional morning walk in the hills, enjoying panoramic views of the city. A Funicular ride brings you back to the heart of Tbilisi. You stroll through the historic Sololaki district and then visit the History Museum to explore Golden artifacts.

A heartfelt farewell lunch with your guide follows, providing a moment to reflect on your journey. The afternoon is yours to enjoy, savoring your final moments in Tbilisi before heading home, filled with memories of this charming city. Night in Tbilisi. 

  • 10 km
  • B/L
  • Walking time 1.5-2 hours, easy

21Day: Departure

Transfer to the airport. Departure.

  • 25 km
  • B