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  • 12 Days

Fascinating country between Kazbek and the Black Sea

  • Tbilisi
  • Mtskheta
  • Bodbe
  • Signagi
  • Tsinandali
  • Telavi
  • Alaverdi
  • Gremi
  • Nekresi
  • Ananuri
  • Stepantsminda
  • Gergeti
  • Uplistsikhe
  • Vardzia
  • Kutaisi
  • Gelati
  • Bagrati
  • Vani
  • Batumi

Welcome to a fascinating 12-day journey through Georgia, a land rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. To provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the country and its people, we recommend booking an open-jaw flight for this trip, starting in Tbilisi and ending in Batumi. Alternatively, it's also possible to return to Tbilisi at the end of the trip and depart from there if your arrival and departure are both planned for Tbilisi.

Your journey begins in the charming old town of Tbilisi, then takes you to experience traditional winemaking in Kakheti and explore the majestic landscapes of the Greater Caucasus. You'll also visit ancient cave cities, follow the footsteps of the Argonauts to Kutaisi, and finally relax in Batumi on the Black Sea coast. 

  • Season: May - October 2024
  • Group size: 2-25 people

Sole Palace


5 min walk from Sulfur Baths, great city view, cozy rooms with photos of old Tbilisi

1Day: Flight to Tbilisi

Arrival in Tbilisi on this day or next day early in the morning. Transfer to your hotel in Tbilisi. Next 3 nights in Tbilisi. 

  • 25 km
  • -
Flight to Tbilisi

2Day: Tbilisi City tour

Today, during a city tour, you'll explore the historic old town of Tbilisi, which stretches at the foot of the Narikala Fortress. This charming area enchants every visitor with its romantic alleys, colorful squares, and proximity to many attractions, including the Metechi Church, the Synagogue, the Sioni Cathedral, and the Antschischati Church. Colorful houses with intricately carved balconies adorn the cityscape on both banks of the Mtkvari River.

The highlight of the old town is undoubtedly the Sulphur Bath District, where hot springs can be found, giving the city its name as 'the warm city.' At every corner of the old town, you'll find welcoming street cafes, bars, and pubs that are well frequented by both locals and visitors. After your city tour, you'll have the opportunity to admire a unique collection of goldsmith art at the Historical Museum and explore the magnificent buildings from the Tsarist era along Rustaveli Avenue.

You'll spend the evening at a Georgian restaurant, where you can savor a delicious dinner. 

  • B/D
Tbilisi City tour

3Day: Tbilisi - Mzcheta - Tbilisi

In the morning, you will visit the Monument to Georgian History, located on a hill above the Tbilisi Reservoir. From here, you will enjoy a view of the suburban district of the city, characterized by Soviet-era apartment buildings. Afterward, your journey continues as you reach the ancient capital of Georgia, Mtskheta, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This city played a crucial role in the Christianization of the country in the 4th century. Perched on a rock, you will find the elegant Jvari Monastery dating back to the 7th century, which offers an impressive view of the confluence of the Aragvi and Mtkvari rivers, as well as the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, which you will visit later.

Upon your return to the capital, you'll take a leisurely stroll along Betlemi Street, Gudiashvili Square, and Orbeliani Square. You also have the opportunity to explore the flea market at the Dry Bridge. At the end of the day, you will take the funicular to the Mtatsminda viewpoint and enjoy the stunning panoramic view of the city. Back at the hotel, you will have some free time to relax and unwind.

  • 70 km
  • B
Tbilisi - Mtskheta - Tbilisi



A cozy hotel, just a 10-minute walk from Telavi's center. It blends traditional Georgian elements with a modern style. Most rooms feature balconies with stunning views of the Greater Caucasus. The wine cellar and outdoor pool are fantastic spots to unwind.

4Day: Tbilisi - Bodbe - Signagi - Tsinandali - Telavi

Today you'll embark on a journey to the eastern region of Kakheti, renowned for its hospitality and winemaking traditions. Your first stop will be at the Bodbe Monastery, where you'll visit the tomb of Saint Nino, who Christianized Georgia in the 4th century. From there, you'll continue to the town of Sighnaghi, perched on a hill offering picturesque views of the Alazani Valley. The town is encircled by an 18th-century wall.

Before reaching your hotel in the town of Telavi, you'll delve into the fascinating history of the Chavchavadze princely family at the 19th-century estate in Tsinandali. You'll check in for two nights at a hotel in Telavi or a nearby village. In the evening, you'll have the opportunity to visit either the Schuchmann or Mosmieri winery. Following a guided tour of the winery, you'll enjoy a wine tasting session paired with a traditional dinner. Afterwards, you'll return to your hotel.

  • 190 km
  • B/D
Tbilisi - Bodbe - Signagi - Tsinandali - Telavi

5Day: Telavi - Alaverdi - Gremi - Nekresi - Telavi

In the morning you'll drive to the 11th-century Georgian Cathedral, beautifully situated in the Alazani Valley. This cathedral is one of the three impressive cathedrals built in the 11th century in different regions of the country as a symbol of reunified Georgia. Next, you'll continue your journey with a photo stop at the 16th-century Gremi Castle, the former residence of the Kakhetian kings. You'll then drive through the picturesque landscape to the Nekresi Monastery complex, perched on a hill offering stunning views of the valley and wooded hills.

Upon returning to Telavi, you'll gain a deeper insight into the region's history at the Telavi History Museum. Nearby is the residence of King Erekle, which is also on the program for your visit. Afterward, you'll take a leisurely stroll in the city. In the evening, you'll have the opportunity to visit a local family that produces large clay jars known as 'qvevri,' essential for the traditional Georgian wine-making method. This method of wine production has been recognized as part of UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage since 2013. You'll enjoy dinner with the family, along with wine. Your overnight stay will be in Telavi

  • 105 km
  • B/D
Telavi - Alaverdi - Gremi - Nekresi - Telavi

Hilltop Kazbegi

Family hotel

A family-run hotel in a quiet location, approx. 400 m from the town centre. The hotel has a beautiful garden and 15 rooms, all with beautiful views of Mount Kazbek.

6Day: Telavi – Gombori - Ananuri – Stepantsminda

Today, you'll depart from the wine region and drive over the Gombori Pass to reach the Georgian Military Highway. Your first stop will be the visit to the Ananuri Fortress Church, perched scenically above the Jinvali Reservoir. Along the way, you'll pass the Gudauri ski resort and cross the Cross Pass to arrive in the town of Stepantsminda in the afternoon. Stepantsminda is famous for Mount Kazbek (5054 m), one of the highest and most beautifully snow-capped peaks in the Caucasus.

According to an ancient Greek legend, Prometheus was chained as punishment for stealing fire from Zeus. You'll embark on a journey to the forested slopes with local off-road vehicles to visit the Gergeti Trinity Church dating back to the 14th century. From there, you'll be treated to a magnificent view of the settlement of Stepantsminda and the surrounding mountains. Dinner and overnight stay will be at a hotel in Stepantsminda. 

  • 230 km
  • B/D

Hotel Tiflis


A cozy hotel in a quiet part of Akhaltsikhe, about 15 minutes walk from the city fortress. The hotel offers 23 rooms and a rich dinner.

7Day: Stepantsminda – Gori – Uplistsikhe – Akhaltsikhe

Today, the journey takes you to the Kartli region, specifically to the hometown of Josef Stalin, the city of Gori. Here, you'll make a photo stop at his birthplace and visit the museum dedicated to him. Following this, you'll embark on an exploration of the cave city of Uplistsikhe. This city, hewn into the rock by pagan tribes in the 1st millennium BC, served as both a settlement and a site for pagan rituals over the centuries. The functional aspects of the city are still clearly visible in its remains, including an ancient theater, a hall for pagan rituals, wine cellars, a bazaar, and caves of various sizes for its residents.

After the Uplistsikhe visit, you'll continue your journey, passing through the spa town of Borjomi, and head southwest to the Samtskhe-Javakheti region. There, you'll check into your hotel in the city of Akhaltsikhe for a two-night stay. The evening will be spent with dinner at the hotel, followed by a relaxing overnight stay.

  • 335 km
  • B/D
Stepantsminda – Gori – Uplistsikhe – Akhaltsikhe

8Day: Akhaltsikhe – Vardzia – Akhaltsikhe

An excursion along the picturesque Mtkvari Valley takes you to the cave city of Vardzia (12th century). Carved into the tuff stone during the Golden Age of Georgia under the rule of Queen Tamar, this city continues to captivate visitors with its vastness, well-planned defensive structures, and supply channels. Not only the cave city itself but also numerous watchtowers and fortresses bear witness to the centuries-old history of this region. You'll be invited to have lunch with a local family at noon. Upon returning to Akhaltsikhe, you'll visit the newly restored fortress, which has a rich and varied history. Dinner is at your leisure.

  • 150 km
  • B/L
Akhaltsikhe – Vardzia – Akhaltsikhe



Located steps away from the iconic Colchis Fountain Newport Hotel Kutaisi is a modern hotel housed in the 19th century cultural heritage building. Hotel has 34 rooms, features a restaurant, bar, terrace and great views of the city.

9Day: Akhaltsikhe - Kutaisi

Drive to the province of Imereti, located in the western part of the country along the banks of the Rioni River. This region is known as the Land of the Golden Fleece, the legendary kingdom of Colchis where the Argonauts came in search of the Golden Fleece. The third-largest city, Kutaisi, serves as the center of this region, with a history dating back over 1200 years.

Upon arrival, you'll visit the Prometheus Karst Cave near the city. The imaginative shapes of stalactites and stalagmites allow your imagination to roam freely. From the Ukimerioni Hill, where the 11th-century Bagrati Cathedral stands, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the entire city. After checking in at your hotel, you'll take a leisurely stroll to the city center, where you'll dine at a restaurant offering delicious Imeretian cuisine.

  • 110 km
  • B/D
Akhaltsikhe - Kutaisi



The hotel is conveniently located in the old town of Batumi, close to the main city attractions, about 1 km from the central boulevard and 1.5 from the nearest beach.

10Day: Kutaisi - Batumi

Visit one of the most important sites in the Imereti region, the Gelati Monastery complex (UNESCO World Heritage site). The complex was founded at the beginning of the 12th century by Georgia's greatest king, David the Builder, as a center of enlightenment. Afterward, continue your journey to the Black Sea coast and the city of Batumi. If desired, you can make a stop along the way at the Music Park or the Dendrological Park.

In the afternoon, visit the Botanical Garden in the suburb of Batumi, which is divided into nine geographical zones and houses 5,000 plants, including endemic and foreign species. During a one-and-a-half-hour stroll, you can explore these plant species and enjoy breathtaking views of the sea. Upon arrival in Batumi, check into your hotel rooms for the next 2 nights. In the evening, savor a seafood dinner at a restaurant.

  • 170 km
  • B/D
Kutaisi - Batumi

11Day: Batumi

During the city tour in Batumi, you will learn many fascinating details about the history of the city and its surroundings, which are also connected to the Argonauts' legend. A large statue of Medea in the city center serves as a reminder of the Greeks who sailed to the Kingdom of Colchis. The Golden Fleece in her hands is visible from various neighborhoods, as is the gilded dome of Piazza, an Italian-style square where many renowned musicians have performed. Many buildings in the city center are constructed in the Art Nouveau style. In recent decades, these have been complemented by modern statues along the boulevard. The Batumi Boulevard was first established in 1881 and now stretches for 7 km.

From noon onwards, you have free time and can spend the rest of the afternoon as you wish. Your guide will surely have some excellent insider tips for you before you bid farewell.

  • B

12Day: Departure

Check out until 12:00 p.m. Transfer to Batumi International Airport and departure. If your flight is from Tbilisi, you can book the transfer back to Tbilisi for a supplement price or book the modern Stadler train back to Tbilisi with us.

  • 15 km
  • B